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Glasgow (October 7, 2006)

Yet another live show coming to you courtesy of Julia. This is from the October 7, 2006 show in Glasgow. You can stream the show right here on the Archive, then comment with your thoughts and praise (for her). Enjoy!


(Drag the slider bar to “fast-forward” through a track if you really want to get to a specific track.)

01. Help Save the Youth of America
02. Everything Under the Sun
03. Definitive Biography
04. Auctioneer & How To Lose
05. Union Dues
06. 92 Mikes
07. Let Me Die with My Trumpet in My Hand
08. Hero’s Dying
09. Indie Rockin’ & Smile And The Whole World Leaves With You
10. All Smiles
11. Afterthoughts
12. Sweetheart

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