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Help Fund Common Rotation’s Next Two Albums!

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From the guys on Facebook:

“If we had a favorite indie folk band, and they hadn’t mentioned recording a new album in two years, we’d be worried they’d called it quits. We’d have assumed they hung up their folky hats, shaved their beards, and traded in their banjos for day jobs, the kind that pay livable wages, the kind their mothers always wanted them to have, the kind that barely allow sufficient vacation and sick days to tour three weeks out of the year so they could relive whatever nostalgic thrill they could still summon up.

We’d have assumed the members of a band like Common Rotation had traded in the life of artists and musicians for something steady in these hard times. We’d have thought, maybe they were treating the band as a hobby they’d get to when they found time to get off the couch in between seasons of their favorite TV shows. Maybe they’d forgotten about their loyal fans.

That’s what we would’ve thought, but we would’ve been wrong. Dead wrong.
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In Loving, In Morning

April 20th, 2011: In Loving, In Morning (3.45MB)

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