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Called Away

September 1st, 2010: Called Away (2.06MB)

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World Café (August 10, 2010)

Many thanks to Watcher652 from the Common Rotation forum for recording the show on August 10, 2010 at the World Café. You can stream the show right here on the Archive, then comment with your thoughts. Enjoy!



  1. Union Maid
  2. Patients (I Won’t Wait)
  3. Try Too Hard
  4. Truth in Advertising (How I Sing)
  5. Blue Bird
  6. Gone Dyin’
  7. Routine (That’s Entertainment)
  8. You Always Hurt the One You Love* (The Mills Brothers)

Awake All Night

August 24th, 2010: Awake All Night (4.56MB)

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Half Moons

August 16th, 2010: Half Moons (4.46MB)

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Livingroom Show Videos (8/14/2010)

Jo Ann and I attended Common Rotation’s show at the Livingroom this past weekend, and we both captured a few videos of the guys’ performance.

Jo Ann’s videos are on Facebook: Blue Bird, Hollywood Girl, How I Sing, and Paper Planes.

I have just two: a tidbit of “Paper Planes” and “Dream.”



Truth In Advertising

July 30th, 2010: Truth In Advertising (3.26MB)

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Been Loved

July 27th, 2010: Been Loved (5.0MB)

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Lady Liberty

July 13th, 2010: Lady Liberty (2.20MB)

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All At Once

July 7th, 2010: All All Once (1.89MB)

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Way Past Never

June 17th, 2010: Way Past Never (1.31MB)

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